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Arianna accidently asks us to create an Internet Meme.

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PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 8:57 am    Post subject: Arianna accidently asks us to create an Internet Meme. Reply with quote

Arianna Huffington recently penned an article about Network Neutrality. She makes great points about her topic, and why The all Americans who care about freedom should oppose the vile actions currently being pushed by corrupt politicians. The case is open & shut - no one who understands the issues (and is not on the payroll of the crooks behind this extortion attempt) could disagree. The links speak for themselves.

However this article also makes some great points about Memes. She never actually uses the word, but gives many examples.

She starts out by nailing the basic problem:

Why are the bad guys so much better at naming things? Especially legislation. Especially bad legislation.

No Child Left Behind. Healthy Forests. Clear Skies. The PATRIOT Act.

Names which are all the exact opposite of what the laws really do. Ask any teacher about "No child", Study the corporate rapaciousness given cover by the next two, consider the breaches of freedom condoned by the "PATRIOT" act.

These "do you still beat your wife"-ish phrases are designed to be tough to argue against. First you have to explain the title is a lie, losing that sheep-like portion Americans who can believe no ill of the government or the GOP. Then, maybe, you get to address what these laws really mean. Only one American in 10 has the attention span for that.

What Arianna doesn't seem to get is that these slick names are not some happy accident for the neocons. They are expensively crafted false memes. Full-time teams of neocon supporters brainstorm, produce dozens of possible names, conduct focus groups, do test marketing, and eventually produce a few names, which masterfully cast a vile idea in a good light.

Then the Republican noise machine plasters the most compelling lie all over our national consciousness - a Frankenstein monster of a meme, patched together from rotting parts, brought to life by raw power. "Patriot Act" indeed.

But meme-savvy or not, Arianna's parting promise gives me great hope:

"Post your suggestions in the comments section. I'll send the best ones on to Rep. Markey."

There's hundreds of ideas there already. If Markey uses one, and with it gets his bill back to life like Tinkerbell at the end of "Peter Pan", it will prove the concept of using the Internet for generating an honest Meme. No million dollar think tank. No Billion dollar Broadcasting Oligopoly. People power, harnessed by the Internet, will have trumped all that.

And Neocons everywhere will begin to realize the jig is up.

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 6:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i didn't want to register there, but I think it needs a name to appeal to the other side -- isn't that what they do to us?
So I liked the suggestion someone made to name it "Healthy Free-Market Net"
Or you could do something like "Conserve the Net" because it sounds conservative.

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