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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:28 am    Post subject: Moveyourmoney Reply with quote

If you've never heard of this, check out their home page. Be sure to watch the video!!!

Wells Fartgo* made my decision easy. Here's a draft of a letter I'm writing to explain why I'm closing my accounts with them:

* this was a typo, but I decided to leave it.

I've decided to move start moving my bank accounts out of Wells Fargo. Here is a list recent events which led to my decision:

1) Two days ago, for no reason and without warning, my Wells Fargo VISA card started being declined. This seems odd, since I have excellent credit and have been a customer (via bank accuisitions) since 1979.

2) I never received a VISA bill for December and thus forgot to pay the unreceived bill. I understand that I'll still obligated to pay it even if the bill was lost in the mail; but I think Wells Fargo should give me a call or 2nd notice before cutting off the card.

3) The online banking page now indicates you want to charge me over $80 in late fees. I calculate this to be over 25% APR - even loan sharks are not that greedy.

4) The card is scheduled to expire on 01/31/10. I just received my replacement card on 01/09/10. This is much too close to the expiration date, and may be contributing to your confused behavior.

5) Activating my replacement VISA card on your website failed, with no explanation; just a message to "Please call the customer service number on the back of your card". The back of the card has a metal-flake finish and tiny print which makes the number (if it's there at all) totally unreadable.

6) At least 5 times in the last few days a telephone machine has called my home phone number and started leaving a message to the effect "This is a message from Wells Fargo bank...". The machine cuts off when someone (e.g. our answering machine) answers the phone and we never get to hear the message. It may have to do with the VISA problems, but we have no way of finding out.

7) Wells Fargo is featured on the "" website as one of the Banks whose greed and misdeeds contributed to our nation's current financial crisis. If these charges are untrue, you need to state your case in the media. Your silence is an admission of guilt. Divert some of the money you've apparently used to bribe congresscritters and communicate with your customers instead.

Events 1 through 6 are each minor by itself, but happening all together they are a royal pain. I guess you banksters got so much bailout money last year that you just don't care. You almost seem to think it's funny to disrupt a customers card without reason or warning. Well, I'm feeling bit comical myself; and I think it would be funny to move my Wells Fargo savings, checking, credit cards, and our HELOC account to a small local bank.

And for once the mistreated customer will be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

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