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GOP - Gay Old Party

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:23 am    Post subject: GOP - Gay Old Party Reply with quote

Loosing track of all the Republicans who spend a long career bashing gays are are then outed as gay themselves? Me too. So I though I'd list the prime offenders and look for a name for this meme, but the blogosphere is way ahead of me. It turns out there's tons more of these guys than I even imagined, and new ones "on deck" for being outing in coming weeks. There's even a meme - Gay Old Party

All these years I've been puzzled why these clowns say gayness threatens my traditional marriage. It turns out it's really their marriages that are threatened. Being gay is fine, but hiding their gayness while voting against gay rights, and even bashing gays in public to keep the support of the "American Taliban" Fundies is just plain evil, like a black man putting on sheets and riding with the KKK.

Keeping a complete list of these hypocrites beyond my part-time aspirations, so I figured I'd be content with just making a placeholder for the Gay Old Party meme, an reworking an old song for it's latest throbbing member, Senator Larry Craig (R - Idunno).

BTW, If you've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, watch it. Very funny, and great Rock n Roll.


How d'ya do, I See you've met my,
local Republican.
He's a bit brought down cause, when you knocked he,
though you were a money-man.

Don't be surprised by the way things look,
Don't judge a crook by his lovers,
He spends his days out there bashing gays,
But by night he's a sissy boy sucker.

He's a sweet hypocrite from, the lavender state, Iiiiidaho!

So watch him act like a clown when he goes out of town.
And hits on cops undercover.
Like "family values" bigots everywhere, he's A
Hypocrite who'd sell his mother

(Republican "Brad and Janet" voices)

"I don't understand, Mr. Craig;
are really gay?
Back in Boise you said you were straight. "

"It's hard to believe what we're told,
by you, and Mr Rove,
and keep thinking that everything's great."

(end of voices)

Now his name's crap, well, how about that?
But neocons, don't you panic,
We'll just throw him under a bus, cause
Karl Rove is a Satanic Mechanic!

He's a sweet hypocrite from, the lavender state, Iiiiidaho!

Now he's exiled to Boise, Where he won't be so noisy;
And his Governor will send another.
Liars from the GOP just seem to grow on trees,
And Fox news gives them plenty of cover.


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I found this very good explanation of 'why gays like Larry Craig think gayness is destructive' in the comments to a post on Brad Hicks' site:


pyrephox wrote:
Aug. 28th, 2007 03:39 pm (UTC)
The problem here is that you're attributing malice to something that largely has a /big/ root in self-loathing and fear.

My theory on those types is that, because they have repressed their natures, and thus dwell /constantly/ on the thought of homosexuality, wondering if people know, hating the feelings that they have that they 'know' are from the devil, seeing those feelings 'make' them do things to indulge their spiritual weaknesses...

These guys /live/ in the world that they preach about, really. A world where it seems like every gay man is trying to 'recruit' them, because they're living something that the preacher cannot acknowledge that he /wants/ to be like. Their orientation has become a harmful obsession for THEM, one that always tempts them to 'fall' and 'hook up', but that can never, ever mean a real, meaningful relationship with another man. Therefore, all they can see is that homosexuality MUST be base, physical desire that's damaging to homelives and personal spirituality.

Because that's really what they've made it for themselves.

"Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all."
--John Maynard Keynes
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